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My World 

Anatomical pathologists are the ones sitting unnoticed, somewhere in the dungeons of the hospital, hidden to the mortuary where autopsies on hospital patients are perforned.

Lacking the profile of flamboyant surgeons  and clever physicians, we are the ones who diagnose every cancer there is and so much more - from inflammatory conditions to strange degenerative diseases.

Whatever happens in your body - we identify it under the microscope, give it a name and allow the clinician to do something about it. Without us, the surgeon would simply be dealing with lumps and bumps and the radiologists with different shades of grey. 

Sometimes, during times of vivid reflection, we sit back and think about the life-shattering conclusions we write at the bottom of our reports.

The modern anatomical pathology laboratory - dissection room

Pathological dissection of a prostate resection

Bowel cancer growing like a mushroom

The modern anatomical pathology laboratory - tissue processing

Slide preparation - all done manually

My daily tools - microscope, computer, dictaphone

A bowel cancer (blue cells) under the microscope