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The Error. The Novel

A routine operation.

A catastrophic error.

A career finished.

Michelle Goodwin reckoned she was done with medicine.

Done lying awake in the early morning hours and staring into the face of a grieving wife.

Done with the accusation in a child’s eyes.

But she found a way back.

Years later she is close to her new goal - redemption. To be a respected specialist at a top hospital.

But behind its façade of prestige and academic excellence, she discovers criminal negligence, cover-up, fraud and sexual harassment.

She stands alone against a culture of denial and financial interests.

Michelle Goodwin fights against her own demons and powers that will stop at nothing to destroy her.

Currently with a second group of trusted beta readers I hope to submit this to a publisher later this year.
I am  also working on a follow up novel featuring my hero, Dr Michelle Goodwin, to be entitled "The Guardian."